Smart Growth America:Federal Policy Priorities
EPA: Dynamic Redevelopment for Everyone
Active Transportation Presentation (Fall 2013)
Complete Streets Presentation (Summer 2013)
Safer People Safer Streets
7 old spaces transformed


Coalition Tackles Bay Issues at Summit on July 21, 2010

• New Uses for Old Buildings – Making it Work for You – Public Forum
• Land Use In Your Community – Public Forum
• Designing for the Market – VIP Breakfast
• Smart Growth Transportation Funding Forum
• 2010 Summit on “The Chesapeake Bay and Lancaster County – Making the Connection”
• 2009 Summit on “The Cost of Growth”
(Keynote by Joanne Denworth: Senior Policy Manager for the PA Governor’s Office & Founder of 10,000 Friends of PA)
• 2008 Summit on “Walkable Communities” (Mark Fenton: “The Epidemic that No One is Talking About”)
• 2007 Summit on “Making Compact Development Work for Everyone”
(Julie Campoli: “Visualizing Density” & Todd Litman: “Parking Management for Smart Growth”)
• 2006 Summit on “Density” (Keynote by Anton Nellison: “Visual Preference Survey”)