We are an all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization based in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To engage the community and influence decision-makers to implement smart growth principles.

Our Vision: A prosperous, vibrant community that achieves balanced growth and protects its unique heritage.

The Coalition for Smart Growth provides Education and Advocacy, specific to matters of Smart Growth and Growth Management in Lancaster County.  We do so by balancing the varied viewpoints of our Stakeholders, including agriculture, the building and development industry, affordable housing, urban centers, municipalities, and various cultural and resource preservation interests.

To build bridges between disparate viewpoints, the Coalition for Smart Growth seeks to use its unique and pioneering voice in order to:

  • work proactively, instead of reactively;
  • seek common ground with regard to the balance between mixed-use, higher-density development and
    the preservation of agriculture and natural areas; and,
  • promote livable, walkable communities.